Sapwood color ranges from nearly white, to an off-white cream color, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue. The heartwood tends to be a darker reddish brown.
Curly Maple
Grain patterns range from curly to flamed. Color varies from light cream to darker tones of brown.
Birds Eye Maple
Straight to curly grain with intermittent eyes. Number of eyes varies between boards. Color varies from light cream to darker tones of brown.
Quilted maple
Is so named for its resemblance to patchwork patterns seen on fabric quilts. Color from white to dark cream. Very limited
Straight grain with occasional wavy patterns. Color varies from rich dark chocolate brown to purplish black heartwood.
Dark brown in color with a very close grain and fine black veins. Fairly straight grained with coarse texture.
This African species, also known as African Rosewood, is a beautiful dense hardwood with a rose-colored background and darker purple striping
Other woods also available.
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Straight grain with firm texture. Heartwood is reddish brown to deep red and will naturally darken with age. USA
Straight to wavy grain. Color varies from pale brown to pink to dark reddish brown.
Central America /Africa
Waterfall Bubinga
Bubinga veneer comes in many cuts and figures. Kewazinga due to it rotary cut has a wonderfull wild swirl grain (also called waterfall)
Sapele Quilted
This exotic wood veneer has medium to dark reddish-brown color with "blistered and bubbled" figure. African Ivory Coast and Nigeria
Sapele Pommele
Pommele sapele resembles rain drops cascading down a pane of glass. True quilted sapele is also in high demand because of its intense 3-D grain orientation
The finish on my boxes varies depending on size. The the smaller boxes receive a special oil mixture and buffed.  Larger boxes have a special oil and urethane mixture  which gives a nice soft look and good protection. The oil and urethane penetrates deep into the pores and fibers of the wood which allows the full depth and dimensionality of the wood's color, character, and figure to shine through. It produces a very smooth finish that develops the natural color of the wood , highlights the grain , and is inviting to touch. Lot's of elbow grease is required for sanding and polishing to create a finish you want to touch. No stains or dyes of any kind are used in my work unless noted or desired. I believe strongly in letting the individual richness and character of the wood stand on its own. Most of my designs are planned around the colors, grain, and figure of different wood species
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