Woodworking has been a way of life for me since I was a child. Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin taught me to do things myself. From building tree houses to farm toys that you couldn't buy, it planted the foundation for the items I create today.
Watching my dad and two uncles plan, build, or repair many different projects showed me what a little foresight and hard work could accomplish. We also had a retired neighbor who was a woodworker. I would ride my bike the mile to his house just to watch him work. He showed me how to do new things and that in turn gave me the confidence to reach the next level.

After receiving an Associate Degree in Architectural Technology, I spent approximately 18 years as a designer for a food processing manufacturer while working with wood part time. During those years, I did much self-study and perfected many woodworking techniques which I have incorporated into my work. In 1993 I started woodworking full time designing and building functional boxes along with furniture.

I had a small box featured in a book published in September of 1997, Box Making Basics, written by David M. Freedman. This book features a collection of small boxes from various woodworkers along with construction techniques.

I also was a finalist for the 2000 NICHE Awards in the category of "Wood-Traditionally Joined".
Thank you for visiting my site and be sure to check out the other pages. Be sure to come back often as I will be adding new products.

In the past I have sold to some of the finest galleries and shops across the country so you may have seen my work in person.

My boxes have evolved over the years from the great comments and suggestions that customers across the country gave me. When you purchase an item from me it will be functional and a real piece of American craftsmanship.

Will Wipperfurth
Designs By Will